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Location / Appearance

Strongholds are a fun but rare place to explore in Minecraft. They are found below ground and do not have an obvious entrance. Once they are breached their multiple rooms and levels can be explored at length.

Usage / Purpose

Strongholds contain various interesting elements, including a Library and an End Portal. There are a variety of resources that can be obtained from the Stronghold and its Chests.

Stronghold End Portal

The following block types are found inside a Stronghold:


Stronghold Libraries contain a large number of Bookshelves, and Chests within the Library will likely contain Paper and/or Books. The example below is of a two storey Library with a wooden chandelier.


Strongholds contain a non-functioning End Portal. This room also contains a Silverfish Spawner. This is the only place in Survival Mode where these two elements are present.

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