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Torches are one of the most critical tools of the game and can either be crafted (see recipe below) or are sometimes found in Villages. Torches can be crafted from the inventory bar or on a Crafting Table.

Usage / Purpose

The purpose of a Torch is as a source of light during caving and to prevent the spawning of hostile creature mobs in/around your house. They can be placed on the ground, on the sides of many blocks, on the bark of trees,

Torches can also be used to craft Jack 'O' Lanterns.

Drops / Yields

If broken, a Torch produces one Torch for picking up.


Torches are stored in stacks of up to 64 units.


Torches can be made with any kind of wood and either Coal or Charcoal.

Use caution when placing torches on Sand or Gravel as the action can sometimes cause a cave-in of the material. This can happen both above and below ground.

Torches cannot be placed in water (they extinguish and break), however if you place a torch in a Pumpkin it creates a Jack 'O' Lantern which can be placed underwater to provide light.



Torch Recipe 2

Torches can be made with any kind of Stick and either Coal or Charcoal, producing four Torches.

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