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Chests are found as naturally occuring objects in Villages and Dungeons. As well, Chests are Crafted from Wooden Planks (see recipe below).

Usage / Purpose

The purpose of a Chest is for storage. A single Chest has 27 inventory slots. If you place two Chests side by side then they become a double Chest. A double Chest has 54 inventory spaces available.

Drops / Yields

If you break a Chest (such as one you find in a Dungeon) it yields a single Chest.


Chests can be carried in your inventory, but are not stackable and require one inventory slot per Chest.


Blocks cannot be placed on Chests. However, if you build around a chest (leaving one block above it for the door to open), you can place a second chest above it floating in the air. This is useful if you want to place a lot of chests in your home.



A Chest is crafted from eight Wooden Planks.

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