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Minecraft (Pocket Edition)

Survival Mode

Survival Mode

The above image is an example of the Health Points (Hearts) and Armor bars in Survival Mode. In this example the player has full Health but not full Armor.


There are two modes of play in Minecraft: Creative and Survival.


Survival Mode has a variety of purposes that are distinct from Creative Mode. Survival Mode uniquely allows the following:

While Creative Mode is great for learning concepts, Survival Mode is a good way to put those skills to use. As there are few specific objectives to Minecraft, the very act of Survival is part of what makes the game challenging and enjoyable.

How To

Creative or Survival are options that you decide on when creating a new world.


If younger players find Survival mode too difficult Creative Mode can be a fun alternative to understanding game play and build experience.

If you lose all of your Health Points (hearts), you have the option to Respawn even in a Survival game. The only downfall is that your inventory objects will be dropped. If you Respawn, though, you can race back to the location where your game ended and pick up the inventory before it disappears.

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