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Stone Bricks

Stone Bricks


Stone Bricks are created in the Stonecutter with Stone as the raw material (see recipe below). Alternatively (although the Stonecutter recipe matrix does not show this), Stone Bricks can also be made from the same quantities of Diorite, Andesite or Granite.

Stone Bricks are found naturally within Strongholds.

Usage / Purpose

The purpose of Stone Bricks is both as a decorative building block, especially for floors, as well as the main ingredient in crafting Stone Brick Stairs in the Stonecutter.

Due to their stronger blast protection against Creeper explosions, Stone Bricks are a better building material than Dirt or Cobblestone.


Stone Bricks are stored in stacks of up to 64 units.


Stone Bricks

Stone Bricks are created in the Stonecutter with four units of Stone, producing four Stone Bricks.

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