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Seeds can be obtained by either breaking Grass (with anything but Shears) or by tapping Grass Blocks with any Hoe.

Usage / Purpose

Seeds can be used either as feed for the Breeding of Chickens, or for growing Wheat. In order to feed Chickens, you must have the Seeds selected from your inventory bar and then touch and hold on the Chicken. This will cause hearts to flutter around their head. If you simply have Seeds selected in your inventory nearby Chickens will follow you, which is useful if you are trying to draw them into a fenced area for safe-keeping from hostile mobs.

To plant the seed you must first tap the ground with a Hoe to till the soil. Although most recommendations are to plant Seeds near water and to add Bone Meal to expedite growth, Seeds will still grow on nearly any block of soil tilled with a Hoe.

Drops / Yields


Seeds are stored in stacks of up to 64 units.


These Seeds are strictly for growing Wheat, and will not grow other crops.

Seeds will typically grow into harvestable Wheat within two or three Minecraft days.

Seeds can also be obtained as a drop from the Nether Reactor.

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