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Minecraft (Pocket Edition)

Breeding (Love Mode)

Sheep Breeding


Non-hostile (passive) Mob creatures are capable of creating offspring when there is more than one of the animal type and they are given the right food source. Once animals have been bred, they will not be able to mate again for a while. Please note that this process is very abstract. Hearts will appear above the animals and a baby animal will suddenly appear, as in the above image. Breeding is also colloquially known as "love mode" in Minecraft.


The purpose of breeding animals is to create more of that animal type for resources, food, or just because you enjoy operating a farm/ranch.

Chickens Breeding

How To

The following animal types can breed, activated by the food types listed in brackets:


Wolves must be tamed before they can be bred. Their offspring will automatically be neutral towards you.

Two different colored Sheep will produce an offspring that is the same as one of the parents.

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