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Wheat can either be grown from Seeds or is found growing naturally in Villages. If it is being grown it must be grown near a source of water. The application of Bone Meal speeds the growth process up of Wheat.

Usage / Purpose

The main purposes of Wheat is for use in recipes and for feeding Sheep and Cows for Breeding. It is a component in the recipes for Bread, Cake and Cookie. Additionally, it can be compacted into Hay Bales for storage or decorative placement.

Drops / Yields

Each Wheat plant yields one Wheat and at least one bunch of Seeds which can be planted again for further Wheat production.


Wheat is stored in stacks of up to 64 units.


Wheat can still be grown without adjacent water or the application of Bone Meal, however it will sometimes mature slower and take longer between harvests.

Without the aid of Bone Meal, Seeds will typically grow into harvestable Wheat within two or three Minecraft days.

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