maple leaf 8-1. Key Points

1. Discipline focuses on controlling human beings.

2. Respect focuses on respecting students and teaching them how to control themselves, this requires a paradigm shift.

3. To be as effective as possible with most Native students we must:

  1. understand healthy local Native values, both traditional and contemporary,
  2. understand dysfunction local Native actions,
  3. understand the interplay between these values and Euro-Canadian value systems, and
  4. the impact these value systems have upon Native children.

4. Cornerstones of any classroom include:

5. People have the capacity to change but change is never easy.

6. In order to change, Action Plans need to be developed, implemented, and monitored.

7. Together we can accomplish what we can't alone.

8. We must care enough to do something positive.

9. We cannot accept disrespectful behavior from students, or teachers.

We must:

Love children and

Not accept disrespectful behavior

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