maple leaf 6-1. Typical Problems And Possible Strategies

Let's discuss some common disrespectful behaviors and give possible strategies that will address the behavior in a respectful manner.

Before addressing a specific disrespectful behavior, many factors need to be considered. These seem to be constants, no matter what kind of disrespectful behavior is displayed. They must be addressed before any action is taken with the student:

problem and strategy

A student-centered environment requires a person to ask these types of questions/concepts BEFORE working with the student:

1. Am I calm? {A friend says, "When there's a problem, I should be able to tell who the student is and who the teacher is"}

2. Do I know the student? Is he after attention? Power? The way to react could be very different depending upon the reason he is acting out {Four Goals of Misbehavior}.

3. Get off the student's playing field as fast as possible. If not, a lose/lose situation will be created. Know my playing field.

4. Do I believe in teaching respect enough? Is it worth dying for? The answer must be yes!

5. What strategies have failed with this student? Why? What has worked in the past? Why?

6. Am I treating this student with the utmost respect?

7. Does this student know how to complain effectively?

8. Did I do something wrong to contribute to this disrespectful action?

9. Does the "system" support me? Why? Why not?

10. How does knowing my strengths, and weaknesses, help shape how I must react? Can I change? Can I turn my weaknesses into strengths?

11. Are my responses appropriate for Native/non-Native students? How will knowing about their culture help me succeed with this student?

12. Does this student know I care for him/her? Have I shown it? How?

13. How big, and powerful, is the student's emotional envelop?

WARNING: Very "general" statements. Use with caution
and common sense.



1 A student refuses to do what is asked:

2 A student walks away while the teacher is talking:

3 A student swears in class:

4 A student is FAS/FAE and is disruptive in class:

5 A certain student is constantly stealing, even when he/she has all they need:

6 A student is constantly bullying other students:

7 This student has to "get in the last word" every time:

8 Will not do any homework:

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