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Location / Appearance

Villages are a common multi-structure settlements you will encounter above ground.

Villages come in two varieties. One is a wood and stone built Village. The other is a Sandstone Village, which is only found in the desert.

Sandstone Village

Usage / Purpose

Villages typically contain a variety of buildings, some of which have specific purposes and some of which have Chests.

A Church Tower is made out of Cobblestone and is a good vantage point to view the surrounding area or hide-out after night-fall.

Village Church

As well, there is often a Blacksmith whose hut will have a Furnace and Chest which sometimes contains Iron Ingot and Ink Sac.

Village Blacksmith

Most Villages have a Village Library, where you will find Bookshelves.

Village Library

All kinds of Villages have gardens, which can be looted for Carrots, Potatoes and Wheat if needed. It is also a good platform from which to learn how to farm food.

Village Garden

One distinguishing feature of Villages are the lamp posts which light the roads. They are made of stacked Fence Posts, Black Wool and Torches.

Village Lamp Post

Both Sandstone and Wooden Villages contain Wells. Here are examples of both:

Village Well

Village Well Sandstone


Villages contain Villagers, which at this point do not trade. They make curious noises and will leave their house if you open the door. Villagers lack self-preservation and often wander down into mines after you.

If you spawn near a Village it might be a good, safe place to make a home base. There are lots of available resources and they are relatively easy to spot from a distance.

At present, Villages do not have coffee shops or free WiFi. This is their only disadvantage.

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