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The above image is an example of a forest.


Trees are found in most Biomes, and the variety of Tree found will vary from Biome to Biome.

All trees can be cut down with any block, however an Axe is the most efficient method. Please note that if you use your fist to cut down a tree in real life you will likely require medical assistance of one kind or another.

The following varieties of trees can be obtained:

Usage / Purpose

The following parts of the Tree can be harvested for various purposes:

Drops / Yields

Log is harvested to further craft wood products, such as Wooden Planks (which further create Wooden Slabs, Sticks and Wooden Stairs.

If Leaves are cut with Shears they yield Leaves. However, if the Leaves are broken using any inventory item they occasionally provide a Sapling which can be replanted as a renewable resource.

Additionally, Oak is the only tree to occasionally drop an Apple when its leaves are broken. Note that apples are not dropped when the leaves are Sheared.


Logs, Leaves and Saplings are stackable in your inventory in groups of 64.

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