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Minecraft (Pocket Edition)


Wooden Pickaxe

The above image is an example of a Wooden Pickaxe.


A Pickaxe is obtained through Crafting (see recipe below).

Usage / Purpose

Pickaxes have varying degrees of durability and strength depending on their type, which determines which kinds of Ores and Stones that can be mined with it. For example, a Wooden Pickaxe can only mine the following:

Stronger Pickaxes are capable of mining other items. See below for a list of Pickaxe types and links for more info.


Pickaxes are not stackable and require one inventory slot for storage.


The Wooden Pickaxe is the first you will need to build (to mine Cobblestone to create a Stone Pickaxe), however it is one of the least durable of all Pickaxes. Here is a list of Pickaxe types and how many uses you can get out of each one:


Wooden Pickaxe

In the above example a Wooden Pickaxe is crafted from three Wooden Planks and two Sticks.

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