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Cobblestone is obtained by mining Stone blocks with any type of Pickaxe. It also spawns naturally in Dungeons and Villages.

Usage / Purpose

Cobblestone is essential to gameplay, and is a critical barrier to further tool/item development.

Cobblestone can be crafted to create the following items:

Cobblestone can be smelted in the Furance to create the following item:

Cobblestone can be used to create the following items in the Stonecutter:

Drops / Yields

One block of Cobblestone yields one piece of Cobblestone when mined with a Pickaxe.


Cobblestone is stored in stacks of up to 64 units.


Cobblestone is also used in the creation of the Nether Reactor.

Although Cobblestone is a product of mining Stone, the only way to obtain Stone itself to use as a building block is to smelt Cobblestone in the Furnace.

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