maple leaf 6-3. "No Hats" Rule

1. Rules MUST make sense.

2. Are the hats disruptive to learning?

YES when they are part of a gang's dress code.
NO when they are used by individual students.
3. Wearing hats in a house is disrespectful.....
NOT all homes. Many (Native) families wear hats in the house. What assumptions do we have concerning wearing hats? Are they correct? relevant? When is wearing hats in a house inappropriate?
4. School Rule Vs. Classroom Rule

School Rule = NO hats
Classroom Rule
= CAN wear hats

Let's say a teacher believes STRONGLY that students have a "right" to
wear hats in school, and the school policy is "NO HATS!"
There are many examples where adults disagree: abortion, mercy killing,
smoking, etc....What messages is this teacher sending to students by
allowing them to wear hats in the classroom when it is against school
rules? Is that what we want to teach to students?
What can happen? What are we teaching the students?

            POSITIVE                  NEGATIVE

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