Creating a Logo

Suggested Grades



Students will practice using a draw program on the computer to create a logo for a business or a product. They also will understand and put to use the necessary characteristics of a successful logo.


  • drawing program
  • computers
  • samples of logos


Skip the first two instructions for younger students.

  • Display samples of logos and ask students to guess what businesses and/or products that they belong to.
  • Have a class discussion on the noticeable similarities in the logos (if any). Ask the questions such as: Do you think these logos have had an impact on you? What colors, shades, style do you notice are used the most?….
  • Ask students to make up a business or a product that they would like to design a logo for. Ask older students to write a paragraph on the name, the audience, and the purpose of the business/product. Also ask students to write about what kind of image that they are trying to present through their logo.
  • Using a drawing program, ask students to create a logo for a business or a product that they have thought of.
  • Mark for clarity, creativity, effectiveness, and relatedness.