Growth of a Tree

(to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”)

I’m a little maple, oh so small,
In years ahead, I’ll grow so tall!
With a lot of water, sun, and air,
I will soon be way up there!

Deep inside the soil my roots are found,
Drinking the water underground.
Water from the roots my trunk receives,
Then my trunk starts making leaves.

As I start to climb in altitude,
Leaves on my branches will make food.
Soon my trunk and branches will grow wide,
And I’ll grow more bark outside!

I will be a maple very tall,
Losing my leaves when it is fall.
But when it is spring, new leaves will show.
How do trees grow? Now you know!

Meish Goldish


Trees just stand around all day
and sun themselves and rest.

They never walk or run away
and surely that is best.

For otherwise how would a
squirrel or robin find its nest?


Trees are the kindest things I know
They do no harm, they simply grow
And spread a shade for sleepy cows
And gather birds among their boughs.

Trees give us fruit in leaves above,
And wood to make our houses of.
Leaves to burn on Hallowee’en,
And in the Spring new buds of green.
Trees are the kindest things I know.

Arbor Day

The seeds we plant today
With sun and rain and rest
Will grow to be the shade
That all the land wears best.

Dick Hayman

Chestnut Tree

Under the spreading chestnut tree.
In the shade just you and me.
Oh, how happy we will be,
Under the spreading chestnut tree.