A Robin

I wonder how a robin hears?
I never yet have seen his ears.
But I have seen him tip his head
And pull a worm right out of bed.

Spring Robin

(to the tune of “I’m a little Teapot”)

I’m a little Robin with a red breast
I come first in the spring to nest.
If you can catch me, hurry up and
Try before I fly up into the sky.


Hop and skip
On the lawn,
Robin Red Breast–
Come and gone.

You skip so fast
Along the ground,
Stop, hop and stop,
Look around.

Hi, spy!
At your feet
A big fat worm!
Sweet to eat!

Bob your head,
Catch him quick!
Pull and haul,
Tug and strain
With might and main,
Gulp and swallow,
That is all,
Very slick!

Skip and hop,
Run and stop,
Look around
On the ground.

Hi, spy!
With might and main
What you did
You do again.

Tom Robinson

The Robin

When father takes his spade to dig
then Robin comes along;
And sits upon a little twig
And sings a little song.

Or, if the trees are rather far,
He does not stay alone,
But comes up close to where we are
And bobs upon a stone.

Laurence Alma-Tadema


Robin sits in the apple tree
Singing sweetly down to me.
She tells me of her cozy nest
In the tree she likes the best.

She tells me that her robin mate
And she herself can hardly wait —
They have four blue eggs, you see,
That soon will be their family.

They’ll live together in their cozy nest
In the tree that they love best.
Happy in her apple tree,
Robin sings her news to me!