Good Bye

See You Later

See you later alligator,
Bye bye butterfly,
Give a hug ladybug,
Be sweet parakeet,
Blow a kiss goldfish,
See you soon racoon,
Take care polar bear,
Out the door dinosaur!

This is the Way We Say Good Bye

This is the way we say good-bye,
Say good-bye, say good-bye.
This is the way we say good-bye,
To all our friends at school!
Good Bye! See you on _____!

Good Bye, Good Bye

Good bye, good bye,
Our day is done,
We’ve worked, we’ve played,
We’ve had some fun,
So let’s be happy, and safe, and kind,
Until we’re together,
Another day.

Good Bye
(to the tune of the Snow White’s Hi Ho, Hi Ho song)

Good bye, good bye,
It’s off to home we go.
We’ve worked and played
And had a good day.
Good bye, good bye.

Our work is done and it’s time to go.
We had a busy day,
It won’t be long til we meet again…
I’ll see you all on _____ (tomorrow’s day).