Food Groups

Dairy Products

Dairy products are food from the farm
That came from pasture and coop;
Milk from cows and eggs from hens
Are part of the dairy group.

We eat our eggs cooked soft or hard,
Scrambled, poached, or steamed;
From milk we make our cottage cheese,
Our yogurt, and ice cream.

Bread and Cereals

Breads and cereals start from seeds
Of grasses farmers grow;
They’re all ground up and mixed with eggs
And other flavors for dough.

The crust of pies and dinner rolls,
And noodles of chicken soup,
Doughnuts, spaghetti, and Cream of Wheat
Are in the bread and cereals group.

Meat, Poultry, and Seafood

Cows and pigs and sheep make up
The mammals that we eat.
Spare ribs, steak, or hamburgers,
We call this cooked food “meat”.

“Poultry” refers to birds we eat,
Like chicken, duck, and turkey.
“Seafood” is fish and other things
That swim in water murky.

Vegetables and Fruits

The food we like to eat that grows
On vines and bushes and trees
Are vegetables and fruits, my friend,
Like cherries, grapes, and peas.

Apples and oranges and peaches are fruits,
And so are tangerines.
Lettuce and carrots are vegetables,
Like squash and lima beans.


In a giant fruit basket
Here’s what I found:
Grapes and grapefruit
Plums, sweet and round
Strawberries, blueberries
Raspberries too
Dates and figs
As sticky as glue!
Apples and pineapples,
Cherries and pears
Peaches with skin
With soft, fuzz hairs
Apricot, oranges
A lemon and lime
Watermelon, cantaloupe
Fresh in their prime
Ripe bananas
A juicy tangerine
The tastiest fruit basket
I’ve ever seen.

Meish Goldish


Eat your vegetables
Clean your plate
Eat your vegetables
Veggies are great
String beans, broccoli
lettuce and peas
Squash and Brussels sprouts
More corn, please!
Cucumbers, eggplant
Beets and tomatoes
Celery, carrots
Spinach and potatoes
Radishes, cauliflower
Cabbage and cress
Peppers and onions
Asparagus? Yes!
Black beans, lima beans
Soybeans too
Eat your veggies
They’re good for you.

Meish Goldish

Eat Them Everyday

(to the tune of “Row Row Row Your Boat”)

Milk, milk, eggs and cheese
Fruits and vegetables
Meat and breads and cereals
Eat them everyday.