Yellow is a star.
Yellow is the sun.
Yellow is the moon,
When the day is done.


Orange is an orange.
Orange is a carrot.
Orange is the colour
of the beak of a parrot.


(To the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”)

The pumpkins in my garden are orange, orange, orange,
The oranges on my tree are orange, orange, orange,


Blue is the ocean.
Blue is the sky.
Blue are the blueberries
I put into the pie.


(To the tune of “Row, Row Row Your Boat”)

Spells the color blue.
The sky, the ocean and some birds
Are all a beautiful blue.


Pink skies
and butterflies
are truly a
sight to see,

But pink-eye
infection would
be no fun
for me.

Grapefruit pulp,
the salmon’s flesh,
in a vase,

Pink elephant
with candy
as the cause.

Stop and think
about the pink
that’s everyday
around you,

Ballerina sister,
a bouncing twister,
around the house
in her tutu.

james hörner


Green is grass,
String beans and peas.
Green are the branches
on Christmas trees.


(To the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down”)

G-R-E-E-N spells green,
Like a frog,
Or a tree.
G-R-E-E-N spells green,
Just like broccoli.


Green is the grass
and the watermelon skin,
fourth colour in the rainbow,
the emeralds in a ring.

Bright green apples
are bitter to the tongue,
but spinach and broccoli-
I eat them up yum!

Green mold is medicine
known as penicillin,
and water fights with
green balloons sure are thrillin’.

Green means go
when driving, beep! beep!
and green lily pads
are where the frogs sleep.

For flowers and trees,
and the prickly cactus too-
green is important,
as it is for me and you.

james hörner


Red is an apple.
Red is a cherry.
Red is a rose.
And a ripe strawberry.


The fireman’s hat
is too big for my head,
so I wear a red bucket
when playing, instead.

Red ruby treasure
on Valentine’s Day,
with imagination
it’s “Pirates” we play.

Your nose turns red
when it’s cold outside,
and sometimes too
when you’re sad inside.

Some girls wear red ribbons,
bows tied in their hair,
while eating red berries
is the big, black bear.

Hearts are red on cards,
and also in your chest,
red is the colour
that I like best.

james hörner


(can be sung to the tune of Three Blind Mice)

R. E. D.
R. E. D.
Red is the word
Red is the word
Apples and strawberries both are red
Tomatoes and cherries both are red
R.E.D. spells
Red, red, red.


Purple are grapes.
Purple are plums.
Purple is a violet.
And the bruise on my thumb.


Brown is mud,
Brown is toast,
Brown is chocolate,
And a Sunday roast.


(To the tune of “Farmer in the Dell”)

That’s how you spell brown.

The gingerbread man is brown.
The gingerbread man is brown.
The gingerbread man is brown.

And chocolate chips are brown.
And chocolate chips are brown.
That’s how you spell brown.

Colour Song
(to the tune of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”)

Orange is a carrot,
Yellow is a pear,
Green is the grass,
And brown is a bear,
Purple is a plum,
Blue is the sky,
Black is a witch’s hat,
And red is cherry pie.

Green Giant

There lived a green giant whose name was Sam.
His hair was the colour of strawberry jam.
He had one brown and one blue eye,
And a beard the colour of pumpkin pie.
His coat and pants were gay and bright,
Like a peppermint stick, all red and white.
His shoes were as brown as a chocolate drop.
His stockings were yellow as lemon pop.
His hat was the colour of ginger bread
With a tall, tall feather of raspberry red.

The Colour Song

(To the tune of “This Old Man”)

Red, red, red, touch your head.
Blue, blue, blue, tie your shoe.
Brown, brown, brown, touch the ground.
White, white, white, take a bite.
Black, black, black, touch your back.
Purple, purple, purple, draw a circle.
Pink, pink, pink, give a wink.
Gray, gray, gray, shout hurray!

What Colours do I See?

See, see, see!
What colours do I see?
Purple plums,
Red tomatoes,
Yellow corn,
Brown potatoes,
Green lettuce!
Yum, yum, yum, good!
I learn so many colours,
When I eat my food.