Beast Beneath My Bed

by Dan Lukiv

There’s a creepy-crawly monster
Underneath my bed;
It’s a horribly hairy beastie
With an ugly purple head.

I know it’s there;
I know it is;
I hear it in the night.
It’ll groan and spit and even hiss,
And maybe take a bite.

Yes, maybe take a bite
It will,
And eat up both my feet,
So never do I let them hang
Outside my cotton sheet.

I worry much
About this thing,
This thing that lurks below.
I chew my nails
And try to sleep
And utter not a peep.

But down below
That toothy nest
Of jaws and paws and claws
Is waiting just to eat me
While I try to get some rest.

If only I could teach it
Not to treat me so.
Just how do I do that?
Does anybody know?

Copyrighted © 2001 by Dan Lukiv.