A Boy and His Bear

by Dan Lukiv

Teddy bear, teddy bear,
Jumping on me,
With cute little body
All covered with hair,
How could you do this
To someone of three?
How could you do this
To someone like me?

Are you upset
I forgot you again,
Under my bed
For a week and a day?
Remember, a boy,
With such a wee brain,
Has many a toy
With which he must play.

But teddy! Don’t cry!
You’ll still be my friend!
We’ll stay together
Right through to the end.
We’ll cuddle and kiss
And hide under covers;
We’ll fight and make up
Because we are brothers.

I’ll never forget you
Ever again.
Come on, dear teddy,
Let’s play with my train,
So dry off those tears
You silly old bear;
You’re going to get moist
And ruin your hair.

I’ve told you once,
And I’ve told you twice,
I’ll never again
Put you on ice.
But now that I look,
And now that I see,
You’re falling apart
Right at the knee.

Oh teddy bear, teddy bear,
Look at you now.
You seams are so wide
As you sit and you stare.
Tell me what happened,
You silly old bear.
Tell me what happened,
And make me aware.

You mean I did that
By hugging
And kissing?
I squeezed you so much
You lost all your fat?–

Oh teddy bear, teddy,
We’re getting nowhere.
Don’t you know that
I really do care?
To stuff you and fix you
I really must try,
But should I tell Mummy
How you made me cry?

Copyrighted © 2001 by Dan Lukiv