Planning a Dream Vacation

Suggested Grades



Students will identify and examine characteristics of a specific country, as well as what it would take to organize a trip there.


Students should acquire:

  • magazines/videos/internet sources/travel brochures
  • information from a country’s consulate
  • travel plan info. (eg. transportation and accommodation arrangements)


  • Students choose a country that they would like to go to.
  • After students gather various resources on their chosen country, they write a detailed traveling plan including:
    • background/history of country, and their preferred places to visit (eg. historical sites, landmarks).
    • Time of year they are traveling (while considering country’s climate, and travel costs)
    • Duration of journey
    • What they should bring
    • Accommodations and meal arrangements (keeping in mind what the local foods are, and if they are willing to be a little adventurous)
    • Getting information on acquiring passports and immunization (relative to chosen country).
    • etc. (depending on grade level, and how detailed the student is able/willing to get)
    • Examining aspects of travel safety, and their chosen country’s laws and customs
  • With all this information, students will create a mock diary and photo album of their trip (from boarding the plane, to arriving back home), and present the details of their trip to the class.