Creating War Propaganda

Suggested Grades



Students will analyze propaganda techniques used during war time by designing their own propaganda poster.


  • poster paper
  • paints & brushes
  • markers
  • examples of propaganda posters (see link below)


  • Explain what propaganda is (“Information or ideas methodically spread to promote or injure a cause, movement, nation, etc.”- Random House Webster’s College Dictionary)
  • Show examples of war-time propaganda posters.
  • Point out the propaganda techniques used.
    Bandwagon: persuading people to do something by letting them know others are doing it.
    Testimonial: using the words of a famous person to persuade you.
    Transfer: using the names or pictures of famous people, but not direct quotations.
    Repetition: a name is repeated at least four times.
    Emotional words: words that will make you feel strongly about someone or something.
  • Also point out the colours and the issues dealt with (eg. conscription, war-bonds, community cooperation, “the enemy”).
  • Students design and create their posters, focusing on their ‘angle’.
  • Display posters and have class discussion on techniques and content used
  • Variations: Students create a war-time propaganda video, radio broadcast or newspaper article.