Papier Mache Globe

Suggested Grades



Students will examine basic world geography to create a papier mâché globe.


  • newspapers
  • balloons
  • 10 lbs. of flour (for 30 or so globes)
  • big pail for papier mâché mixture
  • green and blue tempera paint & brushes
  • markers (to draw in borders, features, etc.)


  • Tear newspaper into one inch strips.
  • Have each student inflate a balloon.
  • Cover desks with newspaper.
  • Distribute strips of paper.
  • Mix flour and water to a paste consistency and put in pans (you may want to do this in advance), and distribute.
  • Dip strips of paper in pans and wrap around balloon (at least 4 layers- you may want to apply layers over a few days for it to dry fully).
  • Put finished globes on clean newspaper and let dry overnight.
  • Pop and remove balloon.
  • Draw in continent boundaries.
  • Paint in continents with green tempera paint, and allow to dry overnight.
  • Paint in water masses with blue tempera paint, and allow to dry overnight.
  • Using markers, redraw continent borders and label land and water masses.