Planning a Canadian Expedition

Suggested Grades



Students will examine the physical and climatic characteristics of a physiographic region in Canada through planning an expedition of the area as though they are early explorers (with a present-day knowledge of the geography, though without settlements!).


  • atlases, with maps of specific physiographic regions which include:
    • Cordilleran Region
    • Interior Plains
    • Arctic Region
    • Canadian Shield
    • St. Lawrence Region
    • Appalachian Region
  • climate information for these regions


  • Split class into groups of 3 or 4.
  • Assign a Canadian physiographic region to each group.
  • Each group will be responsible for:
    • Researching the region’s climate and physical environment
    • Planning an expedition to this region, keeping in mind what supplies they would bring, their mode of transportation (no modern forms, only by foot/boat/canoe/raft/horse/etc.), and their accommodation (tent/lean-to’s/dugouts/caves…)
    • Presenting their expedition to the class, including details of their journey (plants, animals, and physical obstacles they encountered)- be specific, including names of rivers/mountains/lakes/etc.
  • As an extension to this geography lesson, each group could investigate the First Nations of their region.