Canada’s Capitals Race

Submitted by Mrs. Maker

Suggested Grades



Students will learn the capital cities and provinces and territories of Canada.


  • cards with the names of the provinces and territories
  • cards with the names of the provinces’ and territories’ capital cities


  • Give each of the children a card face down.
  • When they each have a card, time them to see how long it will take for them to find their partner city or province/territory. Provinces stay in one place, capital cities move around.
  • When everyone has a partner they have to line up their bodies from West to East with their corresponding province, territory or city.
  • Only when they are in the right order according to the Canadian map, do you stop timing. (Note: the more northern provinces and territories will be behind some of the other provinces when standing in the map formation)
  • Then…Do it again! Try and get them to beat their record time…better yet, challenge another class to beat your time.