Growing Crystals

Suggested Grades



Students will get an introduction to the cause and effect of a chemical reaction between water, mucilage glue, and magnesium sulfate through forming crystals.


  • 1 glass slide
  • 1 test tube
  • 1 dropper
  • 1 bottle of mucilage glue
  • magnesium sulfate


  • Put 3 ml of water into the test tube
  • Add enough magnesium sulfate to make saturated solution
  • Add a drop of glue, and stir until the glue is dissolved
  • Using the dropper, put enough of the solution on the glass slide to cover it completely
  • wait a few minutes and the child will see the crystals start to form.
  • Let dry.
  • What happened? How does it look like, draw it? Why did this happen?