Patterns in Nature Booklet

Suggested Grades



Students will examine patterns on objects in nature, then use rubbings of these patterns to create pattern booklets.


  • natural objects that have texture
    • walnuts, leaves, gourds, rocks, shells, corn, pine cones, etc.
  • paper for booklet pages
  • pencils, crayons, chalk (for rubbing)


  • Explain how rubbings can be a way to record textures.
  • Demonstrate how to do a rubbing (place paper on item, use pencil, crayon, or chalk to color the area that the item is under).
  • Show all the items that you came up with that have textures.
  • Have children do rubbings of items provided, or of items found on their own.
  • Ask children to make a title page for booklet.
  • Staple all the rubbings as well as the title page together to form a booklet.