Making Paper #1

Suggested Grades



Students will learn about the process of making paper and another method of recycling through making their own paper.


  • tacks
  • fine screen (about 30 mesh)
  • wood and nails
  • rolling pin
  • laundry starch
  • egg beater
  • blotting paper
  • several types of paper products (cardboard, newspaper, photocopy paper, etc.)
  • a large tub or pail to make the paper pulp


  • Build a wooden frame, about the same size as you would like the paper to be.
  • Tack the screen onto the frame.
  • Tear sheets of paper products into small pieces less than 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter and put the pieces in a large tub or pail.
  • Add water and laundry soap in proportions of 1 tbsp of starch per cup of water to the torn paper.
  • Beat the mixture with an egg beater until the pulp is the consistency of a very light gravy.
  • Dip the deckle sideways into the pulp mixture until the screen is completely coated with a light layer of pulp.
  • Remove the screen and the sheet of pulp from the deckle and place between two pieces of blotting paper.
  • Press out the excess water with a rolling pin or and allow to dry.
  • Peel the new paper from the blotting paper and trim to size.
  • Variation Try adding thread, yarn, glitter or coloured construction paper to the pulp mixture. It has quite an interesting effect.