I Know, I Wonder: An Introduction to Bones

Suggested Grades



Student will examine the bones of animals and record what they already know about bones and what the wonder about bones. Examining the bones of other animals may give students clues into the characteristics and functions of human bones.


  • for about a month in advance, collect bones from meals (chicken, fish, beef/pork ribs, etc.). Boil them to remove any excess meat.
  • tools to cut and scrape bones
  • egg cartons, to house “interesting” discoveries


  • Ask students to think about and record everything that they know about bones.
  • Hand out bones to each student.
  • Students proceed to feel, cut, scrape, and examine the bones.
  • Ask students to record any questions that they have about the bones, and the bones’ parts.
  • Have a class discussion about the discoveries and the questions.