How to Make a Terrarium

Suggested Grades



  • a large, clear plastic container or jug
  • gravel
  • small plants (suited to your anticipated growing conditions, eg: choose sun loving plants if terrarium is going to be placed in a bright place and vice versa)
  • rocks, branches, moss
  • plastic wrap
  • screen or stocking


  • Add a layer of pebbles to promote drainage at the bottom of the container.
  • Cover the pebbles with about a 2 inch layer of topsoil.
  • Place a few rocks in the terrarium.
  • Add branches, moss, and small plants.
  • Slightly moisten the terrarium with water (be careful not to over do it).
  • Cover the opening with a sheet of plastic.
  • If you would like to add worms to the terrarium, cover the top with a screen or a stocking so that air can get through. As well, make sure that it doesn’t get too much sun (worms don’t like too much sun).