Endangered Animal Display

Suggested Grades



Students will be exposed to the many animals that are extinct in this world as well as learn the characteristics and the plight of an endangered animal of their choice.


  • magazines with animal pictures
  • a list of extinct animals (please research the links below)
  • tagboard


  • Talk about endangered animals, read out the list of animals that are extinct.
  • Each student chooses one animal to do their display on. Collect pictures of this animal and the environment they live in. Pictures can be cut out of magazines or pamphlets, drawn, and/or printed from internet sources.
  • Student does research on this animal focusing on questions such as: What are the characteristics of this animal (how does it look like?, what does it eat? where does it live?),Why is this animal endangered?, Is there anything being done to protect this animal from extinction?, What can we do?
  • Student writes out the answers to these questions in a research essay format.
  • Paste these reports, as well as all the pictures gathered on tagboard. Write the animal’s name in large letters on the tagboard.
  • Display.