A Variety of Bug Catchers

Tuna Can Bug Catcher#1

Use two tuna cans. Remove the labels and one lid from each can. Cut a wire screen that is 6″ x 12″. Fold each edge of the screen approximately 1/4″ to smooth exposed rows of the wire prongs. Bend the screen into a tube which will fit inside the can. Staple overlapped edges. Place tube in the can. Fill the can with grass. When you catch a bug, place second can over the opening.

Tuna Can Bug Catcher #2

Fill one tuna can with plaster of Paris. Insert some plastic flowers into the wet plaster. Place wire tube (follow instructions above to make) into plaster. Allow to dry. Other tuna can can be used as a removable lid.

Bottle Bug Catcher

Use clear plastic bottle which has a screw top lid. Punch holes in the lid for air holes. Add twigs to the bottle so bug will have a place to climb.

Milk Carton Bug Catcher

Cut windows in two opposite sides of a milk carton. Place the carton in the foot of a nylon stocking. Place bugs in the carton. Secure the top of stocking by tying a knot.