A Variety of Bird Feeders

Bottle Bird Feeder

Cut a large rectangle from both sides of a large, plastic, bleach bottle or a 4L milk jug. Fill the bottom of it with birdseed. Tie string through the handle and around the neck of the bottle. Hang outside.

Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Cut windows from the opposite sides of a milk carton leaving 2″ at the bottom. To make a perch for the bird, place a pencil through the sides of the carton at the bottom. Punch a hole in the top. Tie string through hole and make loop. Paint it if you would like. When the paint is dry, place birdseed in the bottom of the carton. Hang outside.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder Feeder

Tie a piece of string to a pine cone and form a loop with the remaining string. Roll tips of pine cone in peanut butter or honey. When covered, roll the pine cone in some birdseed. Cover it with plastic wrap if children are going to take the bird feeder home. Hang outside.

Doughnut Bird Feeder

Punch a tiny hole in the center of two plastic lids. Place a doughnut in between the lids. Tie a knot in one end of a piece of string. Thread other end through lids and doughnut. Tie the loose end of the string to a tree.

Potato Chip Can Bird Feeder

Cut two triangular-shaped holes in the opposite sides of a potato chip can. Make bottom sides of the triangles parallel to the bottom and 1″ from the bottom of can. Punch two holes in the top of the can on the opposite sides. Lace string through the holes. Tie string in a loop. Place birdseed in bottom of can. Hang outside.