A Variety of Ways to Make a Windsock

Wire Hangar Windsock

Clip the curved part off of a hangar. Form the remaining wire into a circle. Take tissue paper cut into strips 1 inch by desired length(12-18 inches). Wrap one end of the tissue paper around the wire and glue. Continue all the way around. Depending on how you want to hang them, you can use fishing wire or string and hand from ceiling, etc.

Construction Paper Windsock

Roll a sheet of construction paper into a large tube and staple or glue it. Then glue tissue paper strips to hang off of it.

Paper Bag Windsock

Take a white paper bag and decorated it with markers and crayons. Then, cut a whole in the bottom of the bag. Tied string to each side of the whole in the bottom. They glued crepe paper of many different colors around the rim of the bag.

Tissue Roll Windsock

Cover toilet tissue rolls with construction paper. Then glue strips of crepe paper around one