Graphing Constellations

Suggested Grades



Students will practice their graphing skills by following specific coordinates to recreate constellations. This activity will strengthen students’ skills of visual perception, observation, and recording, and will give them a visual representation of a few constellations.


  • graph paper
  • photocopy of the following graphing coordinates:
    • Ursa Major: (M,37); (Q,34); (R,34); (U,33); (W,35); (Z,32); (X,30).
    • Ursa Minor: (R,17); (O,18); (N,20); (M,22); (K,22); (L,25); (N,25).
    • Draco: (B,33); (C,30); (E,32); (D,34); (B,24); (C,22); (F,24); (G,22); (G,28); (G,30); (I,31); (N,30); (R,27); (U,27).
    • Cepheus: (G,6); (E,10); (I,12); (J,8); (O,11).
    • Cassiopeia: (L,1); (K,4); (O,4); (S,5); (R,2).
  • drawing paper


  • Hand out the coordinates to each student and have them transfer them onto graph paper.
  • Then have students transfer the constellations on the graphs to drawing paper.
  • Extension: Ask students to design their own constellations through graphing coordinates. Share the coordinates with classmates and have them draw the coordinates out.