Air Takes Space #2

Suggested Grades



This demonstration will show students that air takes space.


  • a glass
  • a piece of paper towel
  • a sink full of water


  • Stuff the piece of paper towel in the bottom of the glass so that it will not fall out when you flip it upside down.
  • Ask students whether or not they think you can plunge the glass all they way into the sink of water without getting the paper towel wet?
  • Hold the glass upside down and plunge it into the sink.
  • Hold the glass under water for about 10 second and then slowly and steadily lift the glass up, making sure not to tilt it at all.
  • Pull out the dry piece of paper towel and show it to the students.
  • Have a class discussion on some possible reasons of why the piece of paper towel stayed dry.
  • (The air filled the glass up and that is why water couldn’t get in it.)