Squirrel in a Tree

Suggested Grades



Students will develop an awareness of and practice the mobility needed to run around other children.


  • open playing area (gym or field)


  • Have students line up and count them off as Tree, Tree, Squirrel, and repeat until you have 1 or 2 extra children. These extra children become homeless squirrel’s looking for a home.
  • Have the pairs of trees join each other’s hands and enclose a squirrel in their circle. Their should bee trees with squirrels inside spread all over the play area.
  • Blow a whistle or yell go! Squirrels have to leave their trees in search of a new home.
  • Once a squirrel finds a new home the pair of trees enclose the squirrel in a circle and wait.
  • Any squirrels left out become homeless and must wait until there is a signal to run and search for a new home.
  • Keep playing over and over until time has run out.