Intro. to Controlling a Ball With Your Chest

Suggested Grades



Students will practice stopping and guiding a ball with their chest.
Note: This is a good lesson to use as an introduction to a soccer unit.


  • light-weight balls (nerf balls, beach balls)


  • Pass out balls to students and ask them to stand a few feet away from a wall and practice throwing the ball against a wall and trying to bring it down to the floor by using their chests.
  • Gather students together and have a discussion on what techniques were used that made it easier to direct the ball to the floor. (arms outstretched, chin tucked in, leaning back, eyes kept on ball)
  • Ask students to find a partner and stand a few feet away from each other. One partner throws the ball gently to their partners chest as they bring it down to their feet with their chest, then roll it back. Direct students to switch roles after awhile.
  • After the technique has been practiced and grasped, ask pairs to design a game based on stopping and/or guiding a ball. Add additional equipment if you’d like.
  • When they are finished designing their games, ask students to find another partner group and ask them to try their game out and vice versa.
  • Variation: Use the same balls and lesson to teach students how control balls with their heads.