Help Your Friends

Suggested Grades



Through this game students will see the results of cooperation.


  • bean bags
  • open playing area (gym or field)


  • Choose two people to be “it”.
  • Rest of students walk/run around with bean bags on their heads or shoulders.
  • The goal of the “it” students is to knock off all of the other student’s bean bags.
  • If a bean bag is knocked off, the owner must sit down and yell “help!”
  • Students still with bean bags must carefully bend (ensuring their own bean bag doesn’t fall off) and pick up their classmate’s bean bags for them and place them back on their classmate’s heads or shoulders.
  • If the helper’s bean bag falls off in the process, they also must sit down and cry “help!”
  • If the “it” people can get all of the bean bags knocked off, they win!
  • With younger grades, you may want to increase the number of “it” people so the game will go faster.