Crab Monsters

Suggested Grades



Students will practice the skill of dribbling a ball with their feet and kicking it in a specific direction.


  • balls that don’t mind being kicked (soccer)
  • pylons


  • Split students into groups of nine or ten.
  • Designate three students in each group who will be the crab monsters. Ask these students to get into crab position between pylons as in the formation below:
  • The rest of the students in the team line up standing in two lines, as shown above. Give each of these students a ball.
  • When you yell out go, the first two players in each team try to dribble past the crab monsters. The crab monsters will be trying to kick the balls away from the players, outside the pylon marked boundary. The teams get a point if their ball stays within the boundaries and they are able to cross the final two pylons and crab monster with their ball. The crab monsters get a point for every ball they kick outside the boundaries.
  • Once the two players have crossed the final two pylons, or have been kicked out by the crab monsters, the next two players can go through the course. (only two players can go through the course at a time)
  • Play until all the players have gone through the course.
  • You might want to play this game one team at a time, while the other students watch, cheer along, and count the points.