How to Bounce a Ball

Suggested Grades



Students will learn and practice bouncing a basketball with their right and left hands as well as running while bouncing.
Note: This is a good lesson to use as an introduction to basketball.


  • basketballs


  • As you pass the basketballs to the students, ask them to experiment moving throughout the gym as they bounce the ball.
  • Once balls are all handed out, give students signals to change hands, then change their speed, and then change the height of their bounce.
  • Gather as a class and discuss the difficulties students had when they had to make changes. What were some techniques used to keep control of the basketball? Discuss and demonstrate. (bouncing ball high enough so that it is still kept in their vision while they keep their head up so they can see where they are going; fingers spread apart, bouncing with fingertips; keeping the ball close to them…)
  • Give students a few minutes to practice these techniques.
  • Play follow the leader with you being the leader and encourage quick changes with running speed, bouncing speed, hands, and direction.
  • Ask students to find a partner and devise a game that involves bouncing the basketball as well as running/walking with it. Add other equipment if you’d like.
  • When they are finished designing their game, ask students to find another partner group and ask them to try their game out and vice versa.