Outdoor Activities Factors

Suggested Grades



Students will examine and learn about factors that need to be considered when performing outdoor activities, and what they can do to prepare themselves for them.


  • paper
  • writing utensils


  • Split students into groups of 3 or 4 and ask each group to brainstorm factors that they have to consider when performing outdoor activities (eg: thirst, hunger, cold, heat, sun, rain, rocky terrain, first aid, animals…)
  • After the lists are generated, ask groups to exchange lists with another group and decide some precautions that can be taken to be prepared for the factors that they listed. (eg: thirst-bring a water bottle, hunger-bring snacks, cold-bring a jacket, heat-dress in layers, sun-bring sunblock, rain, bring a hat, rocky terrain-wear hikers, first-aid-bring a first-aid kit, animals-wear bear bells, make noise, do research on the animals you may come in contact and how to prevent an altercation…)
  • Have each group present their lists to the class.