This Is the Life Of…

Suggested Grades



Students will express their personal characteristics through items that they bring from home. Classmates will be introduced to each other by deducing who the bag belongs to.


  • a grocery bag for each student, preferably ones that are the same


  • Hand out a grocery bag to each student and ask them to bring back around 5 items from home that would sum up their personality and life.
  • The next day, empty out one bag at a time, one object at a time in front of the class.
  • After a bag is empty, answer these questions questions as a class:
    Do the things belong to a male or a female?
    What kind of hobbies do you think this person enjoys?
    What one object do you think is the most special one for this person? Who do you think this bag belongs to?
  • Ask the real owner to stand up and tell the class about their hobbies and what object they included that was the most special to them.
  • Extension: Have students write out a sentence or two on the reason why each object was included in the bag. Share these sentences with the rest of the class.