Sometimes I Feel Book

Suggested Grades



Students will examine the feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, fear and examine instances when these feelings are present as well as positive ways to react to these feelings.


  • a template for the pages of the book similar to the following phrases at the bottom:
    Sometimes I feel (insert feeling) when ___________________.
    When this happens I should just ___________________.
  • writing utensils
  • crayons, markers, pencil crayons, or paint


This activity is best presented as one lesson per feeling dispersed over a few weeks.

  • Choose one feeling and have a class discussion on what makes each student feel that way. Eg: I feel angry when my baby brother cries.
  • Then discuss negative and positive ways to react to these feelings. Eg: When my brother cries, I should just go to my room. I shouldn’t kick him.
  • Ask students to write these out on the template and then draw a picture of them dealing with the problem and the feeling.
  • Do this activity for the major feelings: happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. Continue through other feelings if you’d like.
  • Have students make a cover page for their “Sometimes I Feel” book, staple all the pages together.
  • Ask students to share their books with their classmates or read them out for them.
    Note: This is a great activity to do a few weeks before a studnent-led conference. Ask students to share their books with their parents when they arrive.