The Accuracy of Horoscopes

Suggested Grades



Students will examine horoscopes over a months time and determine which horoscope source is the most accurate.


  • a variety of horoscope sources (magazines, newspapers, internet, etc.)
  • graph paper
  • chart paper
  • markers


  • Split the class up into three or four groups.
  • Ask each group to decide which horoscope source they think would be the most accurate and would like to examine. Each group should have a different horoscope source.
  • Every morning for a month, ask each group to read their horoscope source out for the day before. After reading each source, have each group record the number of students whose horoscopes were true and the number of students whose horoscopes were false on chart paper.
  • At the end of the month, have each group add up all the figures to find out how many correct predictions each horoscope source made and transfer these numbers into a bar graph.
  • Have each group present their graphs to the class.
  • Which horoscope source had the most correct predictions?