Telling Time With Catalogue Watches

Suggested Grades



Students will practice the skill of telling time through examining, collecting, and sorting photographs of watches from catalogues.


  • catalogues with photographs of watches
  • large pieces of paper
  • writing utensils
  • glue
  • scissors


  • Ask students to look through the catalogues and cut out as many photos of watches as they can (give them about 10 minutes).
  • After this time, collect the catalogues and hand out the large pieces of paper.
  • Ask students to sort their watch photos by putting them into groups of watches displaying the same time.
  • Before allowing the students to glue these on the paper, check to see if the photos in each group of time are the same.
  • Ask students to glue their photos keeping them in the groups.
  • Then, have students write down the time represented under each group.
  • Display the collections. What time was displayed the most? The least? Why could this be so?