Pennies: A Little Goes a Long Way Game

Suggested Grades



Students will learn how to convert pennies and other coins into their respective coins. eg: 25 pennies are equal to one quarter.

Students can also get practice identifying odd and even numbers through this game.


  • lots of pennies, filled into jars for each group
  • a die for each group
  • plastic fake coins (nickles, dimes, quarters)or paper coins


  • Split class up into groups of three or four. Ask one person in each group to be the banker and give them a container of the fake nickles, dimes, and quarters.
  • Give each group a jar of pennies and a die.
  • Each student in each group rolls the die. If they roll an even number they get one penny from the banker, and the next player rolls.
  • Once a student collects five pennies, they can turn them in to the banker so the banker can give them a nickle. Then when a student collects five more pennies, they can turn the pennies and the nickle to receive a dime, and etc…
  • Set a time limit of about 30 minutes, and whoever has the most money at the end of the time wins.